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Have the applicant(s) or company applied, received or pending to receive incentives* from sources other than the shareholders?
*Includes grants, funding, incentives and/or loans etc. from any organisation or government agency.


if yes, please indicate the source, date received and amount (S$).

Nature of business/ Proposed business idea

In less than 200 words, outline the services and/or products that your business will be offering and the unique selling point.

Differentiated business

How does the company differentiate itself from competition? How different/ novel is the business idea compared to what is available in the market? Who are your Top 3 competitors? How are you better and why would you succeed where they fail?

Feasibility of the business model

What is the company business model? How is the revenue model sustainable? How does the company manage its cashflow? Does the business have potential to be scalable?

Potential market opportunity

What market(s) is the business idea targeting? How big is this targeted market(s)? How does the company reach out to its targeted market(s)? What would it cost and how long would it take to capture the market?

Management team

What role does each member of the management team play? What relevant expertise/ experience does each member bring to the business?