Andrej Uličný

The word becomes flesh. Nowhere it’s more true than in marketing. Here, the right ideas captured with the right words, makes all the flesh. Pardon dollars. Coming to your bank account. Over the years I’ve been deeply immersed in sales & marketing on the quest to understand what makes people tick. Here are some skills I’ve developed along the way:

✓ 10 years of proven performance in sales and marketing
✓ Established record of identifying new markets, creative target account identification and consistently achieving sales targets
✓ Strong ability to identify new business opportunities and long term partnerships to increase profits and establish a stable revenue base
✓ Outstanding presentation, negotiation, and communication skills with a dedication to promoting a team based approach in developing new markets
✓ Established telemarketing and field sales campaigns will full CRM integration
✓ Significant experience with graphic design, videography, web design, search engine optimization and creating telemarketing campaigns