Solvere Lim Swee Keng

Providing accurate predictions+reasons, resolutions+inventions.

2000 Handed to a friend: World need new industries bigger than Electronics to adequately employ workers, graduates, capital. Before this, will come Financial Crises(-ve interest rate-2008 LSE cannot answer Queen why did not see it coming) and Wars(2001 04 hand written submission 1st war likely in Afghanistan). Soon, was told to HAND future submissions to 1st Prime Minister.

20060518 Handed 1st PM report with enabling inventions: Next drivers for world economy are Energy, Water, Building Designs, Cluster planning(Cities & Villages). Earlier, explained Biotech is inadequate to drive economy, the most dynamic Public Officer must be sent to create jobs. Both were speedily effected.

20061030 spoke to China Power Chief:

1. we must not burn alcohol for energy and throw away energy rich carbon as waste. (2007 China enacted laws prohibit food for energy.)

2. Cultivating thorns in desert for energy. (2007 06 Inner Mongolia expands thorn farming and building thorn-fired power plant; 2009 thorn farmers household income>Y100k)

2009 01 22 shared above with MIT President Energy Team. Prof Thomas Magnanti immediately told colleague that bio-ethanol is NOT Carbon Neutral.

2010 06 Shared with China Central Planners >100million cluster planning for 4 regions. 2011 04 China initiated 200 million population clusters in that 4 regions. Differ from Japan, Korea model of purchasing machines, technologies from the west.

Invented machines, processes for Airframe manufacturing. Airbus, interested to buy one of these inventions. Collision Avoiding conveyors soon became standards in world airport luggage handling.

Self Cleansing Choke Free Filter became Singapore rivers ONLY standard, replaced all international experts’ systems. Latter, installed by Indonesian street boys with easily available material.

With MIT alum, developed Cursor Driven(easy for machinists to operate on DOS PC) Multitasking Networked apps enabled Singapore Aerospace Manufacturing to champion Complex Profile Machining. Engineers spin off to help regional Precision Machining companies, especially mold making.

6 books published. Singapore National Library classified these under “Philosophy, Solvere”. Marked SOL (SRN) (SRN 6th President); SOL(LKY) (LKY 1st Prime Minister).
5th book, Poems are orated yearly at Old Parliament Chamber, by >10 nationals in Chinese, English, Spanish.
Sent to world leaders by Dr Mahathir Mohamad in press release “Broadway out of ALL Crises”.
Working on Clean and Complete Combustion. Mentor international planners (ISOCARP)